An Institution in a fragmented industry

The diamond industry is a multi-billion dollar operation with a worldwide geographical footprint, employing millions of people across every continent in tens of thousands of businesses; from mining houses, cutters and dealers to jewellery manufacturers and retailers. For almost 140 years, five generations of the Bonas family have operated at the heart of this industry for the benefit of their clients. Indeed, we are the longest established Diamond Broker and Consultancy House. Today our clients account for approximately 25% of the global polished wholesale market, witness to the effectiveness of our services and the high value placed on them.

An unrivalled understanding of the diamond industry

Assessing clients' complex needs, anticipating industry changes and identifying business opportunities is the mission of every professional services firm, and, at Bonas, we are uniquely suited to achieving these goals. Our deeply-rooted knowledge of every link in the value chain allows us to fulfil the needs of a client base that includes vertically-integrated corporations and governments, internationally-recognised luxury brands and jewellery manufacturers. Our network's presence in every major diamond centre gives us an unparalleled window into the industry, allows us to anticipate change, identify opportunities and deliver exceptional value.

Combination of expertise & personality

At Bonas, our brokers and consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We actively recruit from outside the traditional diamond industry, giving us a formidable depth of complementary skills. We focus on delivering against the demanding requirements, from the more technical aspects of mining, cutting and polishing, to retailing, branding and consumer marketing expertise.



UPCOMING SALES 2019 & 2020*
Bonas Sugilite Gems

Hong Kong:

- 4 - 6 December 2019 (9 Dec 11am CET)

Braúna mine

Antwerp viewings:

- 7 - 20 November 2019 (20 Nov 4pm CET)

- 13 - 23 January 2020 (23 Jan 3pm CET)


Antwerp viewings:

- 16 - 20 March 2020 (23 March 3pm CET)

Lucapa Diamond Company: Mothae

Antwerp viewings:

- 9 - 13 December 2019 (13 Dec 5pm CET)

- 3 - 7 February 2020

Lucara Diamond Corp : Karowe mine

Botswana viewings only:

- 2 - 12 December 2019 (12 Dec 4pm CET)

- 23 February - 5 March 2020 (5 March 4pm CET)

Mountain Province: Gahcho Kué mine

Antwerp viewings:

- 2 - 12 December 2019 (13 Dec 2pm CET)

- 13 - 23 January 2020 (24 Jan 3pm CET)

Namakwa Diamonds: Kao mine

Antwerp viewings:

- 25 November - 5 December 2019 (6 Dec 3pm CET)

- 27 January - 6 February 2020

Stornoway Diamonds: Renard mine

Antwerp viewings:

- 18 - 28 November 2019 (29 Nov 3pm CET)

- 22 January - 3 February 2020 (4 Feb 3pm CET)

    * Subject to change


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